How To Reverse Infertility And Get Pregnant Naturally

By Grant Nichol

Having a child is a blessing every couple looks forward to having after marriage. Having a child or children marks a complete family for most people. Under normal circumstances, most couples should be successful in having a child within a few months. However, things may not go as every couple expects where some couples struggle to get pregnant. The reason behind this is most cases is infertility.

What is infertility?

Infertility is the failure of a couple to conceive even when they actively engage in unprotected sexual intercourse. The diagnosis is given to couples who have tried to conceive for at least 12 months without success. Infertility can be categorized into primary and secondary infertility. The former entails couples who have never had a child before while the latter involves couples who had already conceived but are unable to conceive again.

Why some women struggle to get pregnant and what causes infertility in the first place?

Ovulation problems are the main reason for some women who struggle to get pregnant. Hormonal issues and polycystic ovaries are some of the causes that bring about ovulation problems. Blocked fallopian tubes mostly caused by endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease are another reason why some women will not get pregnant. If a woman has structural problems with the uterus, she cannot carry a pregnancy for a full term even if they conceive.

Age is another reason that makes some women struggle to get pregnant because as a woman grows older especially past 35 years, her ability to produce healthy eggs reduces. Conception requires healthy sperms and egg functioning to be successful. Even though the majority of infertility cases in women are caused by problems in their reproductive systems, some struggle to conceive because of their poor way of life habits – such including drinking, smoking, and poor diet.

How to reverse infertility and get pregnant naturally.

If a woman is diagnosed with infertility, that doesn’t mean it is the end of the road for her. There are many remedies that don’t involve surgery or drugs that can help her to become naturally pregnant. Equipping yourself with the appropriate knowledge on fertility is the beginning of your journey to becoming pregnant naturally. Below is such info entailing ways that can help women who are struggling to become successful in getting pregnant naturally.

Check on weight.

Being overweight or underweight can be the enemy hindering you from becoming pregnant. Being overweight results to the production of too much estrogen while being underweight can interrupt your normal cycle. Both of these things reduce the opportunity of becoming pregnant. You should therefore try to maintain a healthy weight to give your body better cooperation and increase the chances of becoming pregnant naturally.

Starting a fitness program is a good way to maintain a healthy weight, but one should be cautious not to overdo it. Overdoing exercises can interfere with your period and delay the process of ovulation. Relaxing exercises like long baths, walking, or swimming are some of the best exercises to help you maintain a healthy weight and increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally. Yoga is also a great stress reliever for a lot of people with some experts also believing that specific poses can help promote baby-making by increasing blood flow to your pelvis, stimulating hormone-producing glands, and releasing muscle tension.

Avoid Stress and Negative Mindset.

Keeping your mood feeling good like your body is also important in helping you to get pregnant. You should be in a good mindset and avoid stress. This is not the time to lay blames or feel guilty because you have been diagnosed with infertility. Stay positive hoping for the best outcome and believe everything will work well. Of course, stress is part of the day to day life, but you should never let it take complete control over you through depression.

The worry and anxiety of failing to get pregnant month after month should not lower your zeal and efforts to become pregnant. Accepting that such anxieties and worries happen is the best approach to deal with them. Take time to relax as a way of coping with the issues. Do your favorite activity such as watching a movie with your partner, listening to music, reading a book to occupy your mind, and forget about stress around you. Taking a vacation will also work magic in relieving your stress and making your body and mind relaxed hence increasing the chances of conceiving.

Timing Your Ovulation Period.

Timing your ovulation window is the best way to become pregnant naturally. You should know your menstrual cycle and know when you will be ovulating. To assess the ovulation period, you can use temperature, mucus, or moods to judge the best timing. There are many apps and kits out there that can help you determine your ovulation period if you have an irregular menstrual cycle. During the ovulation period, you are very fertile, and the chances of becoming pregnant are high. Therefore, if you manage to time this period well, you can easily forget about your periods for the next nine months.

Quit Smoking and Alcoholism.

If you have been fighting getting pregnant but on the other hand, you are always smoking, or you are an alcoholic, its time you quit both. Alcohol, caffeine, Nicotine and other toxins inhaled during smoking can interfere with your cycle hence reduce the chance of getting pregnant. The smoke can also lead to the production of unhealthy eggs or damage the sperms hence they don’t fertilize or terminate the pregnancy afterward. These substances can also affect the nervous system of the unborn child. Therefore, if you are aiming at getting pregnant and having healthy babies, you should keep away from alcohol and smoking.


Eating the right foods and sticking with a healthy diet is a very important part in getting pregnant naturally. Take foods rich in iron, protein, vitamin D, and Zinc. Such foods include spinach, potatoes, lean meat, fish, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Stay away from junk foods because they are high in trans-fat content and won’t do you any good in your efforts to become pregnant naturally. Such foods include cookies, French fries, doughnuts among others. Fish with high mercury levels such as salmon, shark, and Spanish mackerel should also be avoided. Generally, to ensure you have a healthy diet, incorporate whole grains, vitamins, minerals, fruits, and vegetables. This will be very helpful in getting you pregnant naturally.

Maintain a Good Positioning.

The position you assume when making love is another important element in getting pregnant naturally. One of the best positions that can help you in getting pregnant is the missionary position. It helps in an interlocking and ensures most of the sperm goes deep into your body. After the intercourse, you should avoid movement and raise your hips using a pillow to ensure you retain most of the semen.

How some women have benefited by using the “Miracle pregnancy eBook.”

If you have tried all you can but haven’t been successful in becoming pregnant, you may consider looking into the Pregnancy Miracle eBook. This is an eBook of around 240 pages written by Lisa Olsen detailing 14 years of research and her own battles of failing to become pregnant. The book incorporates what Lisa calls a miracle plan which consists of a holistic approach and natural treatment that can help one to get pregnant naturally instead of going for surgery and drugs. The book teaches older women how to stimulate their bodies so that they can become productive like those of young girls. In this book, you also learn about what you are supposed to eat, how to exercise, as well as many other aspects on the topic of getting pregnant naturally. Lisa outlines everything in a procedural approach, supports her arguments with scientific research and explains how other women have benefited from the methods she gives.

There charts and checklists that can help users to track their progress without referring to the eBook. This book has brought smiles to Lisa and many women around the world. Some women have reported getting pregnant after a few months of following the methods given in the eBook. Many women have stated it is the best book out there for conceiving naturally and learning how to reverse infertility and get pregnant naturally.

However, if you think this book will work like magic, you are wrong. It is not a quick fix. Lisa emphasizes that her eBook requires patience to work unlike what other solutions like surgery and drugs claim to offer. Instead, the eBook tries to fight the main causes of infertility with the aim of helping the users get pregnant naturally. Many people have testified that this program has taught them how to increase fertility naturally.


Getting a negative result on your pregnancy test kit can be really disappointing. The situation becomes worse when you are diagnosed to be infertile. Infertility is a term every married couple hates with a passion. Infertility can result in a heavy burden financially and emotionally. People around you take you as barren hence affecting you emotionally, and when you turn to treatments, it can be very costly.

Medications for the same reason can be complicated and may involve long processes to apply for and work. However, infertility diagnosis doesn’t mean all is over for you. There is hope, but you need to be well informed first to fight infertility. You can fight this menace without surgery or drugs and become pregnant naturally.

The above tips on how to reverse infertility and get pregnant naturally can make you smile after many years of agony. They are all-natural and don’t pose any risk to you or your unborn child when you become pregnant. Stop infertility in its tracts today and get pregnant naturally!

Learn how to conceive naturally and how to learn new healthy habits that increase your chances of falling pregnant.


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