VR Accessible Gaming powered by Steam

Handicap boy is playing VR

Virtual reality offers individuals the chance to escape their everyday life.  New technologies are emerging where users can explore various worlds and gameplay.  The appeal of VR is that anyway can participate in it in any environment.  The immersive experience within the game allows users to explore in ways they never could before.

2MW has released the WalkinVR Driver – a free Windows app that makes SteamVR games more accessible by allowing disabled users more virtual VR control and movements. The driver also allows a co-user to join in on the fun by co-piloting the VR experience.  The WalkinVR Driver can work with any equipment that can run SteamVR.  The driver also allows users to consolidate controls to a singer controller – vs. having to use the traditional dual setup.



WalkinVR is available now to download: https://www.walkinvrdriver.com/

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